Sustainable development achievements

  • Replaced hot water boilers with higher-performance models to reduce natural gas consumption. (2010)
  • During the winter season, switched from electric-powered process water coolers to a natural cooling system. (2013)
  • Reduced plant-generated waste by 5%. (2012)
  • Implemented recycling in the cafeteria. (2012)
  • Eliminated disposable water bottles. (2012)
  • Used locally-produced paper with recycled content in photocopiers, and programmed photocopiers to make two-sided copies by default. (2012)
  • Launched monodose powder products (bleach and detergent) to significantly reduce transportation of products containing water (2012)
  • Analyzed the Lavo life cycle (see text below). (2011-2012)
  • Implemented sustainable development indicators (energy, residual materials, water, etc.) that allowed us to monitor our electricity and water consumption, and to control residual material management. (2011)
  • Replaced the plants metalarc lighting system with T8 fluorescents to reduce electricity consumption. (2011)
  • Hooked up motion detectors to the lighting system in certain areas of the plant to reduce energy consumption. (2011)
  • Adopted the compaction concept for detergents, liquid fabric softeners and bleach to reduce the use of water that has entered the composition of our products, and to maximize shipping to our customers. (2008; 2013)
  • Implemented a hazardous material recovery program (batteries, cartridges, fluorescents, aerosols and chemicals).Ongoing
  • Used recycled material for neck hangers and coupons placed on our products, as well as for displays. Ongoing