Lavo has been manufacturing, distributing and marketing high-quality laundry detergents and household cleaners for more than half a century in Canada and the Northeastern United States.


Ernest Bouthillier bought the Lavo Ltd. Bleach Company. Although competition was fierce, Lavo Ltd. became a leading bleach manufacturer and ranked fourth among Quebec producers.


A new factory fitted with modern equipment was constructed in Montreal East. Lavo Ltd. perfected its manufacturing methods and entered the age of automation.


Lavo focused on technological research and development and replaced its glass bottles with the first plastic containers.


Lavo began manufacturing its own polyethylene containers, thereby implementing its vertical integration process.


Lavo acquired La Parisienne, a prestigious brand name which added a significant volume of sales.

During the same period, large grocery chains decided to market their own brands of bleach and fabric softener. Thanks to its new facilities, Lavo was able to respond so well to store needs that most of the retailers became clients.


Ernest Bouthillier’s two sons took charge of the company: Guy became President and Paul Executive Vice-President.


The new team acquired a plant in Ontario along with its well known brand name, Old Dutch. Using the production and management model of the Montreal plant, Dutch Chemicals Inc. rapidly acquired a significant share of the Ontario market.


Lavo acquired the famous Hertel brand name.  With this acquisition, Lavo became the leader in household cleaners in Quebec.


In order to stay competitive and increase production, Lavo decided to group its three plants into one, on Saint-Jean-Baptiste Boulevard in Montreal East.


Lavo inaugurated a 130,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art plant in Montreal East. It is one of the most modern and efficient plants in North America.


In response to consumer demands, Lavo went green and began making all Hertel products biodegradable according to OECD 301D test norms.


Lavo took another step toward sustainable development by making all La Parisienne liquid laundry detergents biodegradable and phosphate-free. This step radically repositioned the La Parisienne brand and led to its ranking as the third most-sold detergent in Quebec a few years later.


Continuing our concern for sustainable development, La Parisienne fabric softeners were made in concentrated formulas and biodegradable according to OECD 302B test norms. The changes were immediately successful with consumers. It was also an important year of growth for the Old Dutch detergents beyond Quebec’s borders.

What’s more, this year marked the finishing touches on a major project to concentrate detergents and bleach. Concentrating these products means they contain less water, less cardboard is used for packaging and transportation is optimized, all of which increase sustainability.


To promote environmentally responsible consumerism, La Parisienne released a new generation of cleaners on the market: the EcoRespect line of effective, environmentally friendly and EcoLogo certified products. La Parisienne also expanded its product offering with ultra-effective, biodegradable dishwasher tabs that are chlorine- and phosphate-free.


Lavo acquired the detergent brands Arctic Power and ABC.  With this acquisition, Lavo expands its laundry products portfolio.