Lavo’s commercial division is devoted primarily to meeting the needs of the distributors interested in purchasing products in large sizes and/or large quantities.

In order to respond to distributors’ needs as best it can, Lavo offers them some of its brands (Lavo 12 and 6 bleaches, Hertel products, etc.) and also manufactures private-label products for them.

The various certifications and approvals of Lavo 12 (bottled)

  • Certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation):
  • Registration under the pest control products Act: PCP 12419
  • Certified according to the food and Drugs Act: DIN 02246212
  • Approved by the Canadian Agency of inspection (CFIA) to be used as a sanitizer in food processing establishments

Hertel Pro disinfectant

  • Certified according to the food and Drugs Act: DIN 02241553

Hertel Pro degreaser