Our Distinctions

We've been part of Quebecers' lives for over 75 years with a wide range of gentle, effective and environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Made in Québec

LAVO is proud to be certified by Produits du Québec and, since the end of 2023, has been able to display the "Made in Québec" logo on the majority of its products, such as :

La Parisienne liquid laundry detergents and fabric softeners

Hertel all-purpose cleaners and thinners

Arctic Power laundry detergents

Our consumers are among those who want to buy local, and now they'll be able to rely on a trusted certification mark.

The "Fabriqué au Québec" logo is a guarantee of authenticity, proximity and quality.

Environmental concerns

LAVO is proud to be a responsible member of the communities in which it operates. We pay close attention to our environmental footprint throughout our production cycle: from the purchase of gentler, safer chemicals to the reuse of raw materials, including the recycling of waste plastics, cardboard and wood.

Most of our formulas are biodegradable. 
We use gentle, effective ingredients. 
La Parisienne brand detergent and fabric softener formulas and Hertel liquid formulas have been tested and meet OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) biodegradability standards. 
We continue to work, among other things, on initiatives such as fragrances based on renewable raw materials, and Safer Choice-certified fragrances and ingredients. 
Our La Parisienne laundry products are phosphate-free. Our cleaning products like Hertel are ammonia-free. 
Our packaging is recyclable.

We continue to explore sustainable packaging options, such as post-consumer resins and lighter-weight packaging. 

Innovation center of expertise

LAVO stands out as a center of excellence in the innovation and manufacture of household products. If our products have been trusted by Quebecers for decades, it's also because we put innovation at the heart of our business, always keeping abreast of the latest trends and technological advances to offer our customers products of the highest quality.

Our R&D innovation center is one of the few of its kind, not only in Quebec and Canada, but also in North America.