Corporate Culture

Welcome to LAVO, where our corporate culture is the beating heart of our success.

Our LEADS program defines who we are and what we stand for.

Joining our team means embracing a unique corporate culture that embodies five fundamental pillars:


At LAVO, we value intellectual curiosity. We believe in the constant pursuit of understanding root causes, possibilities and consequences. We are learners who strive to understand not only what happened, but why it happened. We are open-minded, avoid defensiveness and always seek to improve.


We are entrepreneurs at heart. We identify value potential and translate it into a clear vision for others. We energize our team, setting the pace and defining ambitious goals that benefit our organization. We're not afraid to try, to fail in a calculated way, and to learn from our experiences to make informed decisions.


Communication is at the heart of our culture. We excel at conveying ideas and messages concisely, clearly and directly, so that everyone understands. We know how to assert our points of view while remaining open to the suggestions of others. Our ultimate goal is not to promote ourselves, but to work together for the good of the company.

Driver (Incentive)

At LAVO, we take responsibility for our own performance. We take responsibility for our successes and results, and encourage our team to do the same. Rather than looking for blame, we constantly seek opportunities for improvement, learning from every experience.

Self Motivated

We're driven by an innate motivation, a passion for fast, decisive action. We have a deep sense of pride in our work, and we carry our brand in our hearts. At LAVO, every team member is naturally motivated to get things done.

As a member of the LAVO team, you'll be part of a dynamic corporate culture where every individual is encouraged to flourish, learn and grow. Join us, and together we'll continue to build LAVO's future as an innovative and visionary company.

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